Tips for NFS sharing /opt/csw

We strive to make our packages friendly to both individual, inexperienced users, and also large scale experienced admins. This page is geared towards the latter group. Most comments on this page will also apply to sharing /opt/csw between a global "zone", and a non-global zone.

We recognize the usefulness of having a single install of CSW packages across all (or at least "many") of the machines at a particular site. Usually in this kind of situation, /opt/csw would be NFS-shared read-only, and mounted onto /opt/csw on client machines, with identical configurations everywhere. Sometimes, however, it is desirable to have some machines at a site with individual configurations.

Generally speaking, we would recommend that individual machines have their own individual /opt/csw. However, recognising that this is not always possible, we offer the following suggestions.

Local /opt/csw/etc and /opt/csw/var

A brute force method to make a machine with local configurations, while still shared /opt/csw, would be to make local writable /opt/csw/etc and /opt/csw/var filesystems. Adding the following lines to /etc/vfstab would accomplish this (adjust as needed)
# /etc/vfstab entries
/local/etc - /opt/csw/etc lofs - yes -
/local/var - /opt/csw/var lofs - yes -

Individual redirection

Sometimes, you want MOST things to be the same everywhere, but just a few things different. There are a few potential strategies for this.

Some packages and programs directly support looking in /etc/opt/csw first. In this case, you can directly override it by just creating the config file you want there. This allows for a particular program to usually have a particular shared config file in /opt/csw/etc, but have host-specific overrides where needed.

In other cases, if you know a particular program will ALWAYS have a machine-local configuration, you can make a soft link on the NFS server,
/opt/csw/etc/file.conf -> /etc/opt/csw/file.conf

Written by Philip Brown