Welcome to the project!

Here are a few things that you will hopefully find useful.

First of all, if you haven't already, don't forget to set your .forward file on mail.opencsw.org.

We have a new set of build machines, with more on the way. Information about what we have so far, is on our build machines page

Creating packages

This is what it's all about!

You'll probably want to follow the walkthrough carefully, and use the CSW package creation wrappers. Trying to do everything manually, is more headache than neccessary, since there are quite a few things that need to be done in order to maintain consistency across all the CSW packages.

You'll need to make sure your package installs things according to the filesystem layout guidelines. And of course, dont forget to revisit the general standards page

Maintainer self info page

You may want to customize your own maintainer web page. You can do this by creating $HOME/public_html/bio.html on the webserver.
[note: This feature may be broken, as of Aug 2008, until the new webserver is fully re-integrated with things]
The file can contain just a plain paragraph of text, or it can use full HTML markup. You can also create photo.png. Please make it 50x80 pixels, or at least have it look good when scaled to that resolution. (the HTML code will tell the browser to scale the image to that res)

If you go on vacation, please note this in your page, in case some kind of critical bug comes up in your package while you are away.

Package maintainers mailing list

You will automatically be added to the package maintainers mailing list. Any time you have a question about making a package, or a suggestion for package creation in general, send it to the list.

Once you find out what the address is, do not publicise it. We like to stay spam-free.

Ideas for new packages

Interesting in helping out even more? Dont forget to check out the package request page. There is a mail alias for that, if you would like immediate notification when someone requests a new package.