CSW - maintainers signup

Oops... this page is a bit lacking at the moment.. the original code got lost. If you are interested in joining, please email phil, at this domain name.

What to expect

What happens, is that ideally, first you read over our Standards pages, to get a feel of what putting together a package is like. Optionally, you can try building one by yourself.

Next step is to let me know you wish to sign up, at which point, I verify who you are, and give you access to our build machines, and get you on our "maintainers list".

You are then on "probationary" status, until you build your first package. You will have 30 days to produce your first package. The rationale, is that if you dont have enough time to make a package in 30 days, you dont have enough time to responsibly maintain a package with timely updates.
You are not "on you own", though: the maintainers list is very friendly and helpful to new maintainers trying to build packages :) [Note: the maintainers list, is a private list, to avoid noise from people who would rather argue politics over actually contribute something useful]